What Is Table Tennis Ball?

You are never late to learn any game, be it indoor or outdoor. There is no age barrier to stop you from learning anything. Different names like whiff-whaff and ping-pong also knowas table tennis. It is a type of indoor game played on a flat surface like a table divided into two equal parts, and in the middle, a net is fixed. The equipment used in these games is a table tennis ball and a racket to hit the ball.People of all ages play this game,s and if you want to learn this game, the best way is to buy your equipment and start playing.

Types of Tennis ball

There are various types of table tennis balls available in the market. Different companies make the endless quality of the balls,  but it depends on the person when it comes to choosing the ball. Below are a few examples of the type of ball suitable for the new player learning to play this game.

  • Training Balls: These balls are very soft and very easy to play with. This ball is recommended and made especially for the one who is just joining or learning about a game of table tennis.
  • Competition balls: These balls are of top quality available in the market and come under five-star categories. It is said that the higher the star table tennis ball is, the higher the quality of the ball is. This ball is generally used for playing big national and international games. Players also use these balls for training before the competition with the less-star ball, generally three stars.

Never think much before starting to play any games. Learn about the rules and regulations about the games, get the information about them and start playing. It’s never late.