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Knowing more about professional conversion program

Career Conversion Programmes, also known as Place-and-Train Programs and Professional Conversion Programmes, were skill conversion programs aimed at mid-career switchers who want to move into new professions or sectors with solid prospects and advancement chances. To transition into the new work role, trainees will get systematic on-the-job training. PCPs professional conversion programme let organizations send mid-career employees for skill conversion to transition into occupations or sectors with solid prospects and opportunities for growth. WSG has around 100 CCPs to help people with their mid-career transition. Companies will have a larger pool of applicants thanks to CCPs’ industry-recognized training.

CCPs are available in three different modes:

Place-and-Train: An employee in their mid-career is recruited by a collaborating employer before receiving training for a new employment function.

Attach-and-Train: Industry partners give mid-career individuals training and skills development attachments before future employment in growing industries with promising future job chances.

Job Redesign / Redeployment (JR) Reskilling is aimed at organizations undertaking business transformations and whose existing employees are at risk of being laid off or working in dangerous jobs due to the transformation. These employees will receive training to take on new or redesigned job positions inside the same organization.

What you can gain from it:

When educating qualifying mid-career individuals under CCPs, companies can take advantage of government assistance in course fee subsidies and salary support.


The following conditions must be met by hosting employers:

Offer full-time attaching positions directly connected to specified Attach-and-Train CCP occupational professions established or incorporated in Singapore.

Commit to CCP training arrangements that include attach-and-train.

Be dedicated to collaborating on project administrative requirements with WSG or its designated partner.